Which is better for you, a 3 or 4 wheel Rollator Walker?

When you are at risk of tripping, slipping or falling, you might consider using a rollator walker to provide walking stability.  Rollators come with either 3 or 4 wheels, and also can come with accessories such as a seat, a basket, a tray or pouch.  

A 3 wheel rollator is easier to use to maneuver around objects, for example, around furniture in your home, and is usually more compact for storage or transporting in your car or other conveyance.

A 4 wheel rollator provides more stability and other features which may be unavailable on a 3 wheel rollator such as a seat.  If you tire easily, you may have to sit down to rest often.  Some 4 wheel rollators come with a seat.  You should not sit and be pushed on a rollator with a seat unless it was designed specifically for that purpose.

There are also other aspects of your rollator choice for you to consider such as size of the wheels.  If you are using your rollator inside, smaller wheels, for example 5″ or less  diameter, should be adequate.  It you are using it inside and/or outside, larger wheels would operate better over more types of ground.

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