What to Look for in Choosing a Travel Scooter

Travel or portable compact scooters have many attributes that appeal to users.  As a general rule, they are light weight and the least costly of all scooters.  Because of their small size, they are the most maneuverable.  They have small turning radii and make turns quite easily.  Many manufacturers such as Drive, Merits,  Golden, Luggie, E Wheels and others sell models of this type.

The best ones disassemble into five light weight parts.  To take one apart, first remove the seat by lifting it off the post.  Next, remove the basket from the tiller and then take out the battery case.  This leaves only the base with the motor, electronics, wheels and tiller.  On most of the newer models, the front and the back of the base can be separated to make it easier and lighter to lift into a car trunk.  The weight of the heaviest piece, the back half of the base weighs about 30 lbs., or about 13.6 kilos.

Now, of course, this scooter is not for everybody and every purpose.  Here are some of the negatives.  Because of its size, most have a 300 lb. weight limit and some 250 lbs.  Larger, heavier scooters have a softer, more comfortable ride and because their motors and batteries are larger, they are faster and go farther between chargers.  The largest, have a weight capacity up to 500 lbs.  These larger scooters have lights front and back and some have mirrors.  The compact travel scooters usually do not.

In summary:

The advantages:

  •         Light weight
  •         Low Price
  •         Easy To Transport
  •         Small Turning Radius        

The Disadvantages:

  •         Less Comfortable Ride
  •         Lower Weight Capacity
  •         Lower Maximum Speed and Shorter Distance Between Charges

·         Lower Ground Clearance

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