What is a Quad Cane and Why Do Some People Use One?

A quad cane is a cane with a base at the bottom with four tips.  Quad canes provide greater stability than standard canes, and are often suggested by doctors and physical therapists for individuals who need greater stability than a standard cane, but do not need the even greater stability provided by a walker.


Advantages of Quad Cane usage include:


  1.  Greater stability
  2.  Requires less space than a walker
  3.  Less strain on wrist and forearm


Examples of conditions which a quad cane may be most helpful:Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 11.47.10 AM

1.Limited mobility or sensation in one leg, but with the strength and coordination to stand self up

2. Any problems with wrists or forearm, caused by carpal tunnel syndrome, osteoporosis, or injury but needing the use of a cane

3. During recovery from a stroke or brain injury, and needing help with balance

A quad cane may be used by individuals who are recovering from surgery, an injury, or stroke.  When able to stand upright without help, and when strength is adequate in the arms, a walker user may be able to use a quad cane.  A quad cane should only be used if there is a walking problem in only one leg.

Quad canes come with bottom platforms in small or larger sizes.  If a doctor suggests you use one, make certain you ask what size platform you should look for on your quad cane.

There are also cane tips which can be put onto a standard cane, which will provide some of the benefits of a quad cane.  They provide more stability, but do not have as large a base as most quad canes.

Quad canes and cane tips which can be put on a standard cane providing a wider bottom to the standard cane are usually self standing which is helpful.  The user may not have to bend down to pick up their cane.  It is standing and ready to use.  If the cane falls down, the cane base can be used to bring the cane upright.

If you think a quad cane may be helpful, make certain to ask your doctor or physical therapist about whether you should use a quad cane.

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