Top 10 Best Blogs For Senior Citizens

The New Old Age: The “new” old age means that people are living longer than ever before. As this New York Times blog states: “Adults over age 80 are the fastest growing segment of the population; most will spend years dependent on others for the most basic needs.

Better Health: Better Health is a repository of articles, videos and audio Podcasts on health topics. You’ll find interviews with healthcare professionals, book reviews, health tips, news and more.

The Intentional Caregiver: Shelley Webb, a former Registered Nurse, and Geriatric Case Manager says, “the goal of this blog is to help calm, simplify and enrich the lives of caregivers of aging parents and loved ones.”

The Roaming BoomersDavid and Carol Porter love to travel. And they love to share their experiences with the world. Their “online luxury travel magazine with an eye towards experience, adventure, learning, and exploration,” is a great way for seniors to learn about the world outside.

Transition Aging Parents: Coach and author Dale Carter blogs about the challenges children of elderly parents face from driving with dementia to protecting your parents from “financial exploitation.” She’s been through the same experiences with her mom so her words are not only valuable, they are heartfelt.

Better Than I Ever Expected: Joan Price talks “out loud about senior sex!” Why not? Somebody should do it. You’ll find articles about the health benefits of sex, younger men and older women, granny sex, and so much more.

Holly Eburne:   Holly Eburne, a physical therapist, talks about the challenges she faces caring for her husband who has dementia. Holly provides memory tips for caregivers and links to other memory care sites and articles.

Inside Elder CareYou’ll find articles on long-term care insurance, Medicaid planning, and many others. By sharing your email, you’ll get access to a survey called “Assisted Living Family Preparedness Report.”

Time Goes By: The site employs a handful of bloggers including a Geriatrician. Look for features on universal healthcare, reverse mortgages, and a list of dozens of other senior blogs.

The Consumer Boomer: You’ll find categories such as long-term care, estate issues, online brokers and scams. Though the site is boomer oriented, people of all ages could benefit from reading the articles.

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