Tips for Maintaining Your Wheelchair

* Periodic inspection, adjustment and replacement of worn parts will provide many years of superb performance.

* It is very important to maintain your wheelchair for your safety and the safety of those around you.

* Clean your wheelchair by wiping it with a clean cloth dampened with a mild detergent and water.

* When not in use, store your wheelchair in a clean, dry location, and if you are not using it soon, keep it covered.

* Inspect your wheelchair for worn or damage parts and replace them as soon as possible for your safe usage of your wheelchair.

* If you believe your wheelchair is not performing correctly, contact the manufacturer or dealer you purchased your wheelchair from.

* If you feel anything is not operating correctly, call your mobility product dealer, the manufacturer or a wheelchair maintenance professional. Your wheelchair should function with ease and should travel straight without excessive drag or pull to one side.

Suggested maintenance schedule:

Weekly- Check tire wear, handrims, Wheel lock engagement, anti-tippers (if on your wheelchair), and wipe off the frame with a soft cloth.

Monthly- Check handgrips, upholstery, rear wheel adjustment, arms, backposts and push handles.

Every Three Months- Clean frame and check caster stem rotation.

Every Six Months- Have a professional do a maintenance check, check rear wheel bearings, and caster bearings.

* Consult your User Manual for specific instructions.

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