Spitfire EX Scooter Line

Expand your possibilities with the feature-packed and option-loaded Spitfire EX travel scooters from Drive Medical. However, travel scooters, like the 3-and-4 wheel Spitfire EX from Drive Medical, can help people up to 300 lbs. confidently and efficiently maintain their mobility independence. Both models are incredibly easy to drive. A key switch starts the scooter and the simple push/pull throttle control and wrap-around delta tiller make it easy to accelerate, backup and stop, even for those with limited dexterity. The top speed of the Spitfire EX is 5 mph which can be adjusted easily by turning the dial on the control panel. And its maximum range of 9 miles can be increased to 15 miles with optional 21 amp hour batteries. Transporting the Spitfire EX couldn’t be easier. It conveniently breaks down into 5 lightweight pieces, without the use of tools. The disassembled parts fit compactly into the back seat or trunk of a car. And once you’ve reached your destination, reassembly can be done quickly and easily. The Spitfire EX is also built for safety. It has a headlight for nighttime visibility, safety reflectors and a horn to let others know you are there. Plus, the solid tires won’t go flat or leave marks on the floor allowing for worry-free travel. The Spitfire EX is not only safe, it’s stylish with interchangeable panels in red, blue and silver allowing you to customize for your style and attractive two-tone seat upholstery. Other convenient features include a large front basket with a removable liner bag for storage. All Spitfire EX models offer an accessory port, which lets you enhance your scooter with a variety of useful accessories, such as carry bags, a dust cover, a rear basket—even a trailer. You can always count on Drive Medical to bring you convenient and innovative lifestyle solutions, now, and for the road ahead.

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