Spitfire EX 3-Wheel Scooter

With the Spitfire EX 3-wheel version, you get great maneuverability in tight spaces with an amazing 46 inch turning radius. Along with great performance, the Spitfire EX 3-wheel offers excellent comfort. The upholstered stadium-style seat can swivel 180 degrees and also has 3 height selections to suit users of nearly any height. The padded armrests flip up for convenient boarding and exiting of the scooter and the armrest width can be adjusted to best fit the user. Plus the tiller’s angle is adjustable to position the controls in the most comfortable driving position. And when the battery gauge shows the need for recharging, it’s simple from either the port on the control panel or the battery pack. You can always count on Drive Medical to bring you convenient and innovative lifestyle solutions, now, and for the road ahead.

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