Nimbo Posterior Walker

Available in sizes for small children all the way to adults, the Nimbo Posterior Walker is a walking aid that is pulled from behind, rather than pushed, like an ordinary walker or rollator.  It is available in five sizes and three attractive colors, (except for extra-large which only comes in black.)  The Nimbo is available with or without a seat.* Here are the intelligently designed features that are built into this mobility product:
•	The hand grips are smooth and rubbery, non slippery and easy to grip.
•	The walker handle height is adjustable.
•	When it’s not being used, the seat can be flipped vertically and be out of the way.
•	The four wheels are 5” diameter are made of soft rubber good on any surface and will not slide backward.
•	The tubing is light weight strong aluminum.
•	It comes with a one directional override bracket which allows for forward or backward mobility.
•	It has an easy to use front wheel swivel lock.
•	It folds easily for storage and transport.

*The seat can be added later if purchased without a seat.
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