LED Clip On Lights

Get these compact yet powerful led safety lights. These versatile lights provide safety and vision while hanging on to your cane, walker, wheelchair and many other places.
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Single Purchase Includes 2 Clip on Lights

Color: Red

*Also available in Black and White in other listings.

*Attaches to Canes, Walkers, Wheelchairs, Scooters, Bicycles, Tricycles, anywhere on a post, tube, closet pole, pet collar, pole, many uses.

*Can be used as a flashlight or book light, it really has many uses.

*Visibility aid and bright enough to help you see where you are going.

* Modes: On, Off, or two types of flashing mode
* Made out of stretchy silicon to fit on many objects
* Easy to attach and it stays where you place it
* Lightweight


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