Cutting Carbon Fiber Canes

We often are asked if is it possible to cut Carbon Fiber Canes, and if you can, how do you cut them.  Carbon Fiber Walking canes are very strong and lightweight, two factors that make them attractive to cane users.  We have them in one piece, adjustable and folding and adjustable canes, but some people need them to be cut shorter than the minimum adjustable length, may want to use one that is not available in an adjustable cane or may want to save money by purchasing a one piece cane and cut it themselves. 

Well this is how to custom cut a carbon fiber cane: Cutting a carbon fiber cane is quite easy by using  a fine tooth hacksaw.  It is very important to measure accurately and double check the size of the cane after the cut because, as you know, after you cut, it can’t be glued back together.

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