5 Tools to Make Senior Living Easier

Age-related mobility restrictions can make daily tasks difficult for seniors, negatively impacting their quality of life. Atrophy of the muscles can even make it difficult to find a comfortable position in bed. If you consider how many necessary daily tasks require bending over, reaching up, or a considerable amount of strength, you’ll realize the necessity for tools to assist in these activities in order to maintain the quality of life and improve senior mobility.


If you are a caretaker for a loved one with mobility restrictions, here are 5 tools that can help seniors with their daily tasks, and make them much easier.


Bending over to put shoes on requires extensive bending of the back. But a shoehorn can do the work for you. It’s approximately 23 inches long and made of metal, so you can easily slide your heel into your shoe without hassle. Because it’s made of metal it won’t snag your socks, so getting shoes on and off can be a breeze.

Leg lifter

Did you know that your legs make up approximately one third of your total body weight? That’s a good amount of weight in comparison to the rest of your body. As you age and your muscles atrophy, shifting your legs around can be very difficult, leaving you in an uncomfortable position without the proper strength. A leg lifter is a useful tool that allows your arms to help in the process of positioning your legs while you sit or lie down.

Bathroom safety bar rail

Sudden changes in temperature can cause a lot of people to experience sudden dizziness, fatigue, or a loss of balance. This is especially common when stepping in or out of a hot shower. Combined with the slippery wet floor, this is a serious hazard for seniors. To help provide stabilization and prevent falls, a bathroom safety bar rail can help. The powerful suction of the rail is strong enough to ensure a no-slip grip and make showering an easier task for seniors.

Hand-held reacher

This tool is convenient for reaching items that are high up on a shelf, or low in a cupboard. If something falls on the floor, it can easily be retrieved without bending over. A hand-held reacher is a very useful, practical tool with many applications. It’s lightweight and easy to use, making it a welcome aid in the home.

Long-handled cleaning tools

Cleaning can be a strenuous task for those of any age. Many cleaning tasks often require spending extended periods of time bent over, in a crouched position, or reaching up high. To ensure safety and help maintain independence for seniors, extended and long-handled cleaning tools are essential. A long-handled sponge serves many purposes and can even be used for personal hygiene. Cleaning the toilet can be done easier with an extended toilet brush (but anyone might be happy to pass the responsibility of this chore along to someone else).


These are just a few of the many tools available to help with senior safety, mobility, and independence. For more information about how our equipment can help you, Contact Goodlife Medical today.


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