3 or 4 Wheel Rollator ?

We often have folks ask what is the difference between a 3 and a 4 wheel rollator. There are a few things to consider before deciding:

1) It is our opinion that the 4 wheel rollator provides more stability, while the 3 wheel is able to work better in tight spaces.

2) Wheel size is important. Typically, the 5″ or less size wheels are for use indoors and on flat surfaces while the larger 6″ or 8″ wheels are better on all types of terrain.

3) Most 4 Wheel rollators have seats, while the 3 wheelers do not. However, there is one 3 wheel rollator currently available, the Flight, which does offer a seat – and is quickly becoming a customer favorite.

4) Be sure to look at the weight capacity of each product and the overall dimensions.  The overall width is important to consider if you or your loved one has narrow doorways. Seat dimension can be important as well as the height adjustment. If you are tall – above 6 foot – there are a few models available for very tall people.  If you are shorter (5’1″ or below), consider a junior rollator or a “hemi” rollator.

5) There are rollators available as well for the heavier set folks. These are called heavy duty or bariatric rollators and typically have weight capacities up to 400 or 500 lbs. and provide a wider seat area.

6) A basket or tote  is a wonderful feature of many rolling walkers and can provide a place for storage of your personal items. Some are enclosed, while others are of a wire basket type. I believe there are a few models that offer a tray, so transporting food and drinks can be accommodated.

Rolling walkers, walkers with seats & wheels, rollators – whatever you would like to call them come in a lot of really new vibrant colors too. Feel free to call us if you have special requirements and we will try to help you find just the right thing or visit us @  I hope you find this helpful.

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